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Our house was on a very quiet street, which was ideal for us when the children were young. But when it came to selling it our Estate Agent seemed not to know how to deal with it – he couldn’t attract buyers to the spot.

And the sign we had at the front door didn’t do any good, no one could see it.

Spending time, money and nerves we decided to try FSBO. After searching the web we chose Fizber.com, site was very easy and they had all the tips any seller needed. And the main one for us was to put sign boards indicating the way to the house.

It seemed so easy, and together with a great service we got our buyer found us in 2.5 months.

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2 1/2 months seems like a very long time. Are you sure you got market value?

Were you comfortable letting strangers in your house? I would never sell my hime without a realtor.

Zionsville, Indiana, United States #968869

They are terrible!!!! BEWARE!!

They listed our house on multiple sites with the wrong information and WOULD NOT take it off or change it.

And they do not let you change it yourself. They are not what they seem, they are scammers!!!!!!!!

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